3D visualisation of the fires in Australia by Anthony Hearsey

This situation in Australia really catastrophic

3D visualisation of the fires in Australia. Image based on NASA data and produced by Anthony Hearsey.

This visual shows all the fires observed between December 5 and January 5. Neither real time, but not a satellite photo. Some lights are now off, so the scale is imprecise due to the low definition. As a result , the areas completely in orange have not burned completely, it just means that there is a huge density of fires in these regions.

Look at maps 2 and 3 to see the size of Australia.

3D visualisation of the fires in Australia by Anthony Hearsey
The fires in Australia Image based on NASA data and produced by Anthony Hearsey.

What Anthony said :

« This is a 3D visualisation of the fires in Australia. NOT A PHOTO. Think of this as prettier looking graph. This is made from data from NASA’s FIRMS (Satellite data regarding fires) between 05/12/19 – 05/01/20. These are all the areas which have been affected by bushfires. Scale is a little exaggerated due to the render’s glow, but generally true to the info from the NASA website. Also note that NOT all the areas are still burning, and this is a compilation. « 

Credit : Anthony Hearsey https://www.instagram.com/p/B67bRtPnVzR

3D visualisation of the fires in Australia by Anthony Hearsey

What has happened so far? (01/2020)

  • On January 5, New South Wales Transport Minister Andrew Constance compared the bushfires to « an atomic bomb. »
  • On January 4, Australians are bracing for a dangerous and unpredictable night as bushfires are expected to worsen.
  • A mass evacuation took place on January 3 as around 1,000 people in Mallacoota, Victoria, who were sheltering on beaches. were ferried to the town of Western Port.
  • On January 3, a farmer spotted a creepy devil face looming in the clouds above a forest blaze – he said: « I’m not really into hokey pokey spooky stuff but there’s a big devil face right in the fire ».
  • On January 2 it was announced that the state of New South Wales declared a week-long state of emergency as high temperatures and strong winds are set for the following few days, fuelling the deadly blazes.
  • The first day of the year saw Aussies face a « humanitarian crisis » as food, water and fuel began to run out while bushfires continued to spread.


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  1. Cameron Lamont

    What is the data source used? the screenshot is so low res I can’t read it? I’ve googled but the only thing coming up is this article.

    1. Samir Belhamra

      Hello and thanks for your message I just updated the image and add a better one 😉 Regards

  2. Casey

    I see this as a clever contribution to the generally far-left groups pushing alarmist, extreme views of the climate change issue we are facing. I noted early on that people like Anthony Hearsy used to discuss publically the “need” to spread exaggerations about climate change in order to frighten citizens into taking action against the threat. It’s apparent now that such tactics have damaged our efforts to curb the forces changing our climate for the worse, creating panic, misunderstanding, and conflict among people whose best instincts are otherwise moving in the same direction, to steer ourselves back from the brink.

    Exaggerations, misrepresentations, and outright lies are never useful in the search for the truth, and sometimes may reveal the outlines of forces at work interested in causing such confusion that even greater threats emerge to take us all down. Beware.

  3. Alex

    Hi Samir, thank you for your blogpost. Can I translate your post into german and refer to your blogpost? A lot of people haven’t understood the image and repost it with wrong content and without mentioning the creator Anthony Hearsy.

    1. Samir Belhamra

      Hello and thanks for your message 🙂 as well you can share and translate it and I thank you for this. Best regards.

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